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Transfer a Prescription to Us

Transferring your prescription is fast and easy. We take care of most of it for you!

Please note: If your previous pharmacy refuses or delays transfer of your prescription, we may need to contact your prescriber for a new prescription. While most reputable pharmacies do transfer promptly, we cannot guarantee how long the process will take.

Step 1 - Find Your Rx Medications

Using the search and navigation above, find the Rx medications you need and simply add them to your cart. When done, click the "Checkout" button.

Step 2 - Select "Transfer" At Checkout

Select the method "Transfer" for the Rx medications you are ordering.

Step 3 - Complete Your Order

Complete and pay for your order. After that, we will contact the previous pharmacy to have your prescription transferred to us. Once the prescription is verified, we will ship your order as soon as possible.