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Filling a New Prescription

Step 1 - Order Your Medication

Add prescription medications to your Shopping Cart and checkout to complete your online purchase. If you do not already have an account, you must register.

Step 2 - Send Us Your Prescription Information

Before we can complete an Rx medication order, we must have a verified prescription on file. You may choose from one of these two easy options.

Have Your Doctor/Prescriber Send

Your prescriber may either:
  • Fax your prescription to us at 1-888-978-7947
  • Send your prescription to us via ePrescription
  • Call us at 1-888-795-5826 with your prescription information

Mail Us

After completing your purchase online, mail us your original prescription. We'll match up your order with your mailed prescription. Mail us at:

525 Alexandria Pike
Southgate , Kentucky 41071
United States

Step 3 - We Will Ship Out Your Order

We will ship out your prescription medications according to your prescriber's instructions. You may log in to your account to view pending orders and previously ordered prescriptions.